28 Feb 2010

Lighting in the hallway and the dining room

Hallway light.
Here's a close up of the new lamp. I made it out of different parts such as beads/pearls, transparent plastic lit, cheap dolls house lamp (the part stuck to the ceiling) and some metal wire etc.

View of the hall with the new lamp.

Dining room light.
This lamp is bought, but when I got it out of it's package, it really wasn't hanging straight. So I had to change the chains with some new ones and they are a little bit larger in the "chain rings", but I think it works well anyway. It's called a hanging lamp with beaded shade by the way, and will do well in an Art Deco styled home too.

24 Feb 2010

Bricks under the bay windows

The facade takes shape. There's going to be bricks under both windows and perhaps also in the front door area? We'll see...

Faux brickwork

Painted cardboard (0,75mm) is glued to the "wood pieces" (whatever it's called?) which will be placed on the front of the house below the bay windows.


On the first floor a carpet and doors has been added. The doors aren't glued in place, as they need some varnish first. - Oh, and door knobs also ;o)

The staircase and carpet has been added to the hallway.

Views of some of the rooms

Above:  View of the masterbedroom in the firstfloor and the diningroom below.

View of the hallway, the bathroom and the kitchen.

More rooms being painted and wallpapered

- This is going to be the girl's room.

This will become the diningroom. The kitchen will be in the back and on the right hand will be the livingroom.

This is the hallway, just waiting for the staircase and yes, pretty much everything else, which should be in a hallway...

The bathroom from the 1930's has a touch of art deco to it. The floor here isn't glued in place, since there's no light in the kitchen yet, which is right underneath. Once the kitchen light is in place, the bathroom floor will be as well.

Meet the family

(For further information, look to the right of this blog!)

The daughter of the house:

The man of the house:

And the woman of the house:

23 Feb 2010

This small room is shown as the bathroom in the catalogue from DHE. I didn't want such a small bathroom and with only one child in this dolls house family ;o) - well, then this will become the office of the mother!

Painting and wallpapering

Top: The bedroom, roses on creamy white background. A free printable wallpaper from Jennifer's printables.

Above: First room to get a "makeover" was the kitchen. It's a "soft creamy" yellow colour, I saw somewhere on the internet in a picture of a 1940's kitchen, whilst researching the era.

Getting a feeling of the result

Here the whole dolls house is drybuild. You get the feeling of what it will look like one day...
I have already decided that I don't want it to look like the DHE version, shown on the box.
But at this point, I had a few ideas of a color scheme and no final look chosen.

Drybuilding the dolls house

Top: View of the right hand side. The staircase will be just behind this wall.
Above: View of the front side.

Will it fit I wonder? Drybuilding the dolls house before gluing etc. is essential. ;o)

What is what?

How to get started? To many walls and bits...

The Mountfield - arriving in Denmark

Four days after ordering the Mountfield at DHE, these two boxes arrived at my front door. Although it was January, it felt like Christmas eve, as it felt when I was a child. - I just love having a brand new project! :o)