1 Mar 2010

Let there be light!

The kitchen lamp.
Another handmade lamp (to keep down the expenses!). Made with a ball shaped bulp on wire and a paper shade, with glossy varnish. Some metal wire, a pearl/ornament and some metallic paint. Very simple.

It's inspired by the type of lamp called "shoemaker lamp". It was a somewhat common lamp from the late 19th (maybe earlier?) to mid 20th century, in common homes (Denmark).

This is a table lamp for the small office.
This turned out to be difficult to "install", 'cause there wasn't any hole for the wire and I had to drill and cut etc. to make a hole - the house is already assembled and when I did this, I didn't know where to put the extra lights and therefor I didn't prepare for any lamps, other than the ceiling lamps, which holes has been predrilled from the dolls house factory.

It's quite difficult to add lamps to this kind of dolls house which has three openings and the wires must be "invisible". I just don't think one ceiling lamp for each room is enough. - I want more lights such as table lamps and standard/floor lamps, maybe also walls lights? Another difficulty to this lamp, was that the wire wasn't long enough to reach the back of the house...I added some more wire though, but it wasn't easy since I had to cover the joined ends with tiny pearls and glue. - It does work though, luckily! :o)

At last, I got to see if my homemade lamp would look nice with the lights on. The wires wasn't soldered on before yesterday, so I'm glad to see that it works and it turned out pretty well I think.

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