14 Mar 2010

What's happening now?

I'm currently putting the side panels/walls on the Mountfield using little magnets and I just need to screw the hinges to the front panel before it's done.
Then I need to add the last pieces of "bricks" to the curved bay window wooden pieces of the front panels, to be placed underneath the bay windows.
A few days ago, I painted one bay window - You can't imagine the amount of time I spend on it!
I counted 80 little edges total, at the front and on the back sides of the plexi glass windows, which needed to be painted very carefully.
I'm using a small brush to paint the windows and it's a complete nightmare!
I stille have one bay window and two small windows to go, before being done with the exterior features.
- Next time I'll paint windows and doors etc. using a can of spray paint!


  1. Tell me about it lol I think the next time I will buy a kit with ready painted windows. Can't wait to see your finished house :-D

  2. Are you still painting windows? I haen't seen you around for a while. :)

  3. Aaaaarrggh! my V is playing up

  4. Hi Christine...No, I'm working on the DHE competition at the moment. So the Mountfield will have to wait a while. How's your 1947-house doing?